How it works

This program is not for emergencies. In case of emergency please call 112

By using our application, you can benefit from the following services

Medical Services

Immediate contact with medical professionals. We have registered nurses on call 24 hours a day and we are backed by a network of medical professionals and hospital facilities that can respond to your health needs during your stay in Cyprus.


Prompt medical attention whenever you need it. A nurse will visit your to evaluate your condition. If further consult is required, we will connect you with a licensed healthcare provider (e.g. physician) to provide the care you need.


Facilitate admission to a fully qualified hospital. You don’t need to worry about having sufficient funds on hand or the right insurance card. We will take care of any issues that might interfere with your prompt admission to a reliable hospital.


Expert monitoring of your treatment for as long as you need it. We stay in constant communication with both you and those who are treating you to ensure that you receive the best possible care at every stage of your treatment and recovery.


Help returning home. If you need medical care to travel, we will arrange to identify appropriate transportation to a sub-acute or rehabilitation facility, or to your own home.

Non-Medical Services

Prescription of medication you left behind. We work with your physician, a pharmacy near where you’re staying and, if necessary, a reliable local physician to re-prescribe your medication.


Emergency Message Transmission. We will keep your family up to date and relay information from you to them and back again. We will set up phone calls for you with loved ones and ensure reliable communications between you and anyone you need to contact—friends, relatives, business associates, etc.


Assistance for replacement of essential travel documents.

Referrals to skilled interpreters and/or legal advisors.

Liaise with your insurance company to provide necessary details.


Pre-trip information. We will keep you informed of any conditions that we think will affect your stay on the Island